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OLIVIER GAGNÈRE, Tamer of style.


Olivier Gagnère, Tamer of style.


By by M. Champenois, Ed. Norma, 9 inches x 12 inches ( 24 cm x 30.5 cm ), hardcover book with 256 full color pages - French/English edition

This hardcover book of 256 color pages with great illustrations presents the work of Olivier Gagnère.
Designer and artist, Olivier Gagnère, a great connoisseur of the classics,
knows how to subtly insert them in the contemporary period.
Whether he is interested in ceramics, glass, furniture or table objects,
he breaks with conventions and creates new balances.
Through a slight "twist", he establishes poetic forms that question memory:
the sumptuous decor of the Café Marly, table services for Bernardaud
or the Faïencerie de Gien, delicate pieces made at Arita, in Japan, brilliant Murano and
Saint-Louis chandeliers and glassware, furniture for Néotù and Vallauris ceramics...
This first monograph presents the character and talents of an artist who finds his inspiration
in the craftsmen, in Provence or Venice, as close as possible to the materials that he likes to work himself.
A master of color, he knows how to play with light.
Without breaking with tradition, he awakens it: doubtlessly, his meeting with Ettore Sottsass
and the Menphis group, in the early 1980s, contributed to this creativity.


  • Olivier Gagnère, Tamer of style
  • Glass, out of the inferno
  • Ceramics with poetic reaction
  • Furniture, together or separately
  • The battle of iron, gold and marble
  • Catalogue raisonné
  • Selective biography

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